GigRent provides audio visual equipment and technical support for Microsoft Ignite Tour

For the 3rd straight year, GigRent has worked on the Microsoft Ignite Tour. The Microsoft Ignite Tour is a national and international tour that hosts conferences with the latest insights and skills from technology leaders and practitioners shaping the future of cloud, data, business intelligence, teamwork, and productivity. Toronto, Washington, D.C., Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul, Mumbai, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Stockholm, Sau Paulo, and Mexico City were in this year’s Tour.

GigRent managed the technical aspects for these cities, as well as put together pre-built audio visual packages for ease of use and consistency. Among the items provided for each conference were fiber infrastructure throughout the building site, the ability to transmit 3GSGI and/or HDSGI with embedded audio to the delay televisions and projectors networked around the room to show all the video and camera content, 500 Tac-8 and 750 Tac-8 around the building. The GigRent Team provided troubleshooting to minimize delay (5-8 second delay in audio and video, reduced to 2 milliseconds by running fiber) in transmission timing and worked seamlessly with translators at each site to ensure minimal transmission and broadcast delays. Pre-built packages included transmitters, splitters, and PAs, all built into a small kit in order to travel easily and be transported on a plane if it needed to be moved elsewhere.

GigRent oversaw the management of a troubleshooting team to ensure no problems with demo interfaces. Each demo team brought in multiple laptops to run different machines with different coding and examples of presentations that use Microsoft cloud infrastructure to create different web apps, applications, databases, multiple sys admin products. GigRent worked with each demo team and with the variety of systems to ensure timely demonstrations and flawless performances.

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