GigRent CEO Jordan Goodfellow operates camera equipment provides audio visual technical support at event

GigRent CEO’s Jordan Goodfellow’s top 3 favorite shows

Can you imagine being on tour with Nine Inch Nails for six months? We can’t either, but one of our own had this experience and was able to provide audio visual support to one of the top bands in the world and of this time. Jordan Goodfellow, GigRent’s CEO and Technical Composer, and his team have provided audio visual support to a number of different events and we recently asked to recount his top three favorite shows.

Nine Inch Nails Tour
“One of the best and coolest shows I’ve been a part of was actually back in 2008 when I was on tour with Nine Inch Nails for five or six months. The stuff that they came up with for that show still astounds me to this day. It was cutting edge at that point in time and doing just so many things with motion tracking and light tracking and everything that they did on stage with the movement and the motion of the show and the way that the entire show was really crafted to be a full flow together was fantastic.”

Hans Zimmer at the New Skin Global Meeting
“One of the other great shows that I loved was in 2017. We did the global meeting for New Skin and I had the privilege of being one of the technical directors on that show. Mark Herring brought me into that show because he felt that my ability to solve problems and think on my feet and work hard to ensure that we were able to get the job done was imperative to what he needed to get done for that show. It was a massive show. It was an arena event, 15,000 people in an arena.

The last night we had Hans Zimmer perform with his full orchestra and they took all of the different movies that Hans has written scores for and with an 80 foot led wall behind them, lights coming all the way out in the crowd, covering the entire floor, just lit the whole thing up for about 15,000 people. And he performed an incredible bit of music from every single movie he’s done from Superman and from Jurassic Park and from Pirates of the Caribbean and from the Lion King and the list goes on.”

US Foods – Orange County Convention Center
“As for the third one, we did a show back in 2015 for US foods at the Orange County Convention Center and we did a scenic that was mostly projection. It was about 230 feet wide of projection. It was approximately 130 feet on either side, if I remember correctly, but we were creating an experience for about 5,000 US foods employees. And the reason that that one sticks out in my mind is because it was the first time that I had been the lead technical director on a job of that size of scope in the corporate world. You know, I’ve production-managed multiple stadium events and arena shows and all that sort of stuff. And so for me, from a technical standpoint, we did some really cool stuff and made some really great pictures happen. We incorporated pyrotechnics, projection, blending, high resolution switching, great playback and great speakers and content.

We brought in a drone at that show and they were showcasing some technology that US Foods was working on at the time to try and use drones to be able to pinpoint locational data and then utilize that for delivery and things of that nature. And so there was a lot of really cool stuff in there.”