Broadcast live concerts and events

Broadcast your concert to bring everyone to San Diego!

For those in the music industry, making a living from song and record sales is increasingly difficult due to the availability of streaming services.

Today, the need for artists to find creative ways of reaching their audience is crucial. One way is for artists to increase the number of concert dates on their tours. Another option is to make live-recorded concerts available online, so fans around the world can feel as if they were there, too. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, artists find the avenues they need to reach their fans, which is a critical part of each artist’s plan.  

Live streams of local concerts through Facebook and Youtube are gaining popularity, so if you’re producing an upcoming concert, you need to explore this emerging avenue of marketing your artist and event venue. 

By renting equipment and hiring the right audio visual support, not only do you put on a quality event for your live audience, but you also reach the artist’s fans across the country with a livestream and recorded version of the performance that will bring everyone exposure. 

The AV equipment you will need can range from speakers, subwoofers, processors, and, of course, high-quality wireless and wired microphones. Be sure to check out our online store to see your options.