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Be a forward thinker

We are beginning to see a fundamental shift in the way that people are holding events around the world. With that in mind, we must adjust our thinking and push ourselves into the new age. Life doesn’t wait for our approval to move along; we either keep up with the times or become irrelevant within our own industry.

Maintaining relevance starts with acknowledging the facts set before us. We have to accept that virtual and remote events are here to stay. We can no longer treat these events as unfortunate byproducts of temporary circumstances. Virtual conferences are now permanently categorized alongside in-person events, and so we must approach them with an equally durable strategy. Three mindset shifts in particular can provide the momentum needed to drive our industry forward.

Firstly, we must understand that we, as individuals, are rarely able to influence anything outside of our own circles. Keeping a realistic outline of our spheres of influence in mind helps us market our brands more effectively.

Next, in addition to the power of influence, we should be aware of our ability to keep others from dragging us down. We don’t have to allow the hopeless to drown out our hope.

Finally, we must remember that there is hope and we can succeed in spreading it to those around us. We are in charge of our own optimism.

We must pair new skills and tools with this fresh perspective to equip ourselves for future ventures. We build this skillset by asking ourselves the following:

  • How are events conducted on the internet and handled remotely?
  • What are the new software and hardware solutions being used?
  • On a more personal note, what niche within the event industry best appeals to me?
  • Where am I going to thrive?

These will all be questions that need to be answered if you don’t plan on walking away. Again, we must remember that winning means not giving up or giving into despair.

YOU can make it and we (everyone around you) can help.

It will take a drastic amount of work and determination over a long period of time. It will feel like we’re going backwards for a while. However, it’s a necessary process – backward is the only way forward into the new age.

To find our way, we have to retrace our steps and study new methods. We must develop the ability to stay focused throughout our education if we want to make the most of it. Thinking long term is always the most difficult part of any change, but it’s crucial for making a lasting impact. To believe in the change going forward, we need to find a set of core principles and goals to guide us. When we stay focused on the fundamentals, we are carried through the uncertainty that abounds and propels us toward success.

Take 30 minutes today and figure out what those core principles are, and then share them with me at We will only make it through this if we face forward and keep an empathetic spirit. You never know what the people next to you are dealing with, but you can always make a difference in their lives.

Keep pressing on!