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Top 5 reasons your event fails

Have you ever hosted an event that didn’t go to plan and wondered what you could’ve done different? Are you currently planning an event or thinking about it and want to avoid as many pitfalls as possible?

Here at GigRent, we certainly know a thing or two about what makes events a hit or a miss. So, we gathered our resources and have listed the top 5 reasons an event fails, including mistakes that lead to event mishaps, in hopes that this can help you better prepare for your next one!

Asking for help too late (source)
There are a number of different areas of expertise when it comes to planning events. You have your venue management, producers, ticketing provider, decor team, audiovisual support, and more. The key to success when a large number of people are involved is communication, communication, and more communication.

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help with your event. Plan for certain people to take ownership of different aspects so that you’re not left to coordinate everything on your own, which then inevitably leads to asking for help the week of the event! 

Ignoring technology (source)
Listen up, in case you haven’t noticed, technology is constantly changing. Something that may have not been possible to do a year ago, can be in progress today! When you’re planning an event, do your research and don’t skimp out on technology, because it can really aid to the success of your event. 

One example is WiFi. This was invented 20 years ago, yet many events still do not offer WiFi freely to their attendees. How are attendees supposed to rave about your event when they can’t load their Facebook because of the clog in data use coming from the event area? 

Another is LED. Do you have a big speaker coming to your event? Aid their presentation with fantastic audio visual support, so that the experience is unforgettable. Sounds expensive, but with improving technology each and every day, this is becoming more and more financially feasible. Let the experts handle your audio visual, so you can focus on all of the other details corporate events require. 

Repeated performances (source)
Do you have an annual or regularly scheduled event? Do you spend time planning new speakers, highlights, or facets to change it up each time? If not, you need to. 

It’s just like watching a movie – people cannot keep watching the same thing over and over! Before you start planning the event for next time, take a moment to reflect on the presentations and performances that stood out most to people, what went well, what didn’t, and the things you can change for next year to make people want to buy your tickets again.

It should be noted that your partners have ideas for you too. At GigRent, we produce and support hundreds of shows and events each year, and we love what we do. We provide ideas all the time, so consider asking your partners.

You didn’t stick to a budget (source)
Regardless if your event is a concert for 50,000 people or a small local arts and crafts event, a budget is key. Before any planning of the event actually begins, a budget must be created so that you put up the guard rails right away. This is to ensure that you have funds available for the right things, all the way up to the day of the event. It’s critical that you not only create a budget, but also keep it updated as you continue along. 

If you don’t have a budget put in place with a contingency figure, you’ll run out of money very quickly, and then be stressed on being able to put on the show in the first place! However, do not worry, as this is easy to avoid as long as a realistic budget is created and maintained throughout planning and event execution. 

Have a backup plan (source)
Remember when Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance in 2013 supposedly created a 34 minute blackout in the whole stadium and tv station CBS? Due to the amount of lights and visual effects that were used for the performance, a power surge disrupted the game for the half hour! Don’t be that guy that forgot to double check the equipment and backup generators for the event. In fact, we have ideas and innovations that can help reduce the costs of energy for your event and save you money.

No matter the situation, always create a plan B, and ensure that all the parts are in place for that to take effect immediately if needed.