The top 3 advances in audiovisual production you should know about for your next event.

What if we told you we now have the ability to steer sound to exactly where we want it to go? How about the fact that implementing dazzling LED is now more cost effective than ever? The audiovisual industry is making massive strides in technology that is reducing power consumption and decreasing costs, all while improving the quality of visual and sound support. Read this and do your research before you hire your next audiovisual company. 

Gone are the days of bad sound in the farthest sections of a concert. With the development of sound steering, companies are coming out with speakers with the ability to steer certain frequencies to specific areas of an arena or venue. Whether you’re up in the nosebleeds, or down on the floor, the sound is perfectly clear and you’re able to enjoy the event with ease.

Continuously improving LED technology is lowering overall power consumption costs! This is significant because audio visual companies are now able to create more visually appealing and engaging light shows, all while using the same power consumption or less than ever before. So if you thought 5 years ago LED lighting at your event was too expensive, do some more research as it may be a lot more cost effective than you think!

Need a high quality video shown at your event? Consider hiring a team that provides laser projection video! Just like LED, the continuously improving technology in the laser projection space is continuing to drive down power consumption and overall costs. Nowadays, companies are starting to use 20K laser projectors that are able to run off the same amount of power as a 10K projector just 4 or 5 years ago! It is amazing the projectors that exist these days, with much brighter images and pictures, they’re becoming a frequent go to for events! 

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