4k video screen equipment setup and technical support

The importance of 4K video for your next Washington, D.C. event

It is becoming increasingly difficult to capture and maintain people’s attention, especially when it comes to marketing and advertisements. Businesses are needing to adapt and learn within this rapidly changing world in order to keep their doors open. One of the most lucrative ways of engaging people, or getting them excited about an event, is through video. 

Still photos and images are becoming less important within the advertising world. Video with music, interviews, and candid footage of people at an event are proving to be the most successful. Studies have shown that adding video to your event’s landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Video content also has much greater ROI. While it isn’t the easiest or cheapest task, producing video content has always paid off successfully, according to 83% of businesses.

As 2020 approaches, the capital will become busier with presidential campaigns and events. Some families will be at the live events, but most of the country will be sitting around their 4K TV, watching and listening to the candidates, speakers, and representatives, as they deliver their messages to the country. 4K video cameras will be essential to delivering those messages with clarity.

Do you have an event coming up in Washington, D.C.? Hire an audio visual team to capture the experiences of everyone in attendance. In the past, GigRent has provided audio visual support to Anheuser Busch, Bank of America, and Microsoft, as well as many other Fortune 500 and 100 businesses.

GigRent uses 4K video equipment that is able to capture a phenomenal amount of detail and clarity. This footage is vital to video marketing, as it will grab the attention of those scrolling by and make them feel as if they were at your event themselves. 

More consumers are investing in 4K televisions each and every day, so don’t let your business get left behind in the video marketing space. Read more about the audio visual support that GigRent provides and how our team can help you in planning your next event here.