The biggest challenge in event planning and production industry

All service based companies need the cooperation of their client in order to ensure success for all parties involved. The audio visual and event production industry is no different! In fact, cooperation and information from the client is absolutely vital to the success of each and every event, though more often than not, this is very difficult to obtain.

In a recent interview, Jordan Goodfellow, GigRent’s CEO, explains how many clients and partners in the event planning and production industry do not share all of the event information necessary to GigRent and/ or other audio visual production companies, most times in the attempt to prevent anyone from stealing the information that they have.

“If I don’t have the right information, I can’t even deliver on what is expected, let alone try and steal from somebody else. I get frustrated when I ask for information and much of the time clients come back with, “Oh well, you know, we can figure it out.” Or, “Oh I think it’s kind of like this.” after these discussions the first sentiment is commonly that… You want me to deliver on a job and you’re expecting me to deliver, but then not giving me all the proper information to actually execute on that vision.”

When you hire an audio visual production company like GigRent, the team is there to make sure your event is a hit. It’s important to share all information that would be relevant for them to know so that the team is able to do each job to the best of their ability. We have no interest in stealing yours or anyone’s information be it propriety or not. Our only goal is to make sure that each and every event is executed Flawlessly.

So next time you seek out support for your event, know that they are there to be of help and support for you, and want nothing more than an amazing production.