GigRent GigStream infographic visually outlining the necessary elements of a virtual event

Premium and why it matters

Premium streaming services realize your vision of an ideal event. They create a custom virtual or hybrid solution while keeping all components of your brand and message in mind. That all sounds great, but custom tailoring can lose its appeal when you’re presented with cheaper, faster options.

Services that seem time-consuming and expensive can be daunting at times, so why should you hire a premium platform? Well, friend, it all comes down to return on investment in your business – both temporal and monetary. Let’s take a look at premium services and why they are worth every penny.

A conventional conference will sabotage your efforts to stand out within a challenging industry. Event design is an art form, and as such, it takes time and calculation to master. Premium streaming platforms showcase your company’s inherent value and demonstrate that you care how your audience encounters your brand. A premium platform will provide a completely unique experience for your viewers, as our designers will collaborate directly with your team to build your event from the ground up. Each aspect is designed not only to fulfill your immediate needs, but also to further the mission of your brand as a whole.

Dependable streaming services are marked by their devotion to efficiency and reliability. When they promise custom tailoring, they should deliver consistent results. To be the most dependable on the market, their content delivery networks must be built out worldwide. The best data servers target your attendees’ specific geographical locations in order to reach everyone in your intended audience.

Custom platforms offer seamless streaming out of respect for your message and the desire to economize your time. They cut out the ads, side bar, and general distractions of other platforms to give your viewers a streamlined experience without any extra fluff. When you have your audience’s undivided attention, your message can then hit home that much easier. The call, content, Q & A and analytics for your event are all supported by their networks, so you can call the shots from start to finish and make every minute count.

You want your streaming platform of choice to both protect and enhance your image. Premium services do just that by making your event private yet easily accessible to your clients, registered attendees, and team members. They operate strictly within your company’s brand by giving each audience member his/her/their own special login information. The allure of exclusive content attracts potential customers while simultaneously upholding the integrity of your business.

Put simply, you need more than a typical platform – you need a partner that is invested in your success. Here at GigStream, your mission becomes ours. We craft each interaction between you and your audience with precision to reflect your core values and realize your goals. Thanks to our safe and reliable servers, you can invest in meaningful connections with individuals and brands across the globe. We protect the privacy and purity of your content so that your viewers encounter an untainted version of YOU.