Audio visual equipment and technical support to create mood lighting

On a budget? The cheapest way to create a great experience at your event in San Antonio

On a budget for your event? Really all you need are TVs for visuals and lighting for mood effect! With continued advances in technology in the AV space, producing your own AV event is becoming a DIY opportunity.

Let’s start with lighting, probably one of the easier aspects of event production. Color-changing household bulbs are becoming more available and cheaper by the day! Another perk? These bulbs are getting “smarter,” now with the ability to control the color and brightness right from the palm of your hand (also known as your smartphone). 

Want to have more of an upgrade? There are multiple types of LED packages that you can rent for one-time use for your event! No need to personally invest in equipment when GigRent can provide you with the equipment, technical direction, and consulting at a low cost.

What about visuals? Create your presentation with animations and smooth transitions and then display it on a big TV! With continued advancement in TV technology, the quality and picture of the screens are impeccable and truly make any conference or event top-notch.

Need something even bigger than that? GigRent also offers video packages with larger widescreens to make your presentation even more of a hit! Check out our online store.

Needless to say, there are so many options for AV technology involvement in your upcoming event. A little research can help uncover ways to improve the experience of your event with little to no cost.