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GigRent has audio visual equipment rentals and technical support in Phoenix, AZ. We have an incredible assortment of AV equipment to facilitate any size event in the Phoenix area. Need AV rentals for your event, conference, or expo? Contact GigRent for more information. We have national and international experience and we’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies.

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GigRent has active accounts in Phoenix at the larger hotels – the Fairmont Princess, the Phoenician, the Biltmore, and the Westin. In June, we provided audio visual rentals for the annual operating plan meeting for Aramark. We were able to provide digital signage around the convention center to help people know where to go and to provide scheduling and timing throughout the day. With the system we used, we were able to update and make changes digitally. This helped with communication to the attendees and helped relay information consistently to everyone present.

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