Audio visual equipment and technical support for places of gathering and worship


Since the world is never the same place twice, we are always living in somewhat unprecedented times. However, this year especially has presented challenges that have strained relationships of all types, including those within the church. It is crucial for church leaders to prioritize meaningful connection and effective communication to combat isolation and loneliness in congregation. This could entail updating your sound and video systems, displays, or possibly revamping your online presence to reflect the shift in protocols over the past year.

Detachment pervades every aspect of our lives in the wake of COVID-19. It is the church leaders’ responsibility to reinstitute a sense of the whole by redefining community, virtually. A few thoughts come to mind: becoming more easily accessible by renovating websites to include online chat features or prayer walls; streaming all your services; or having a post-service stream available. Using these tools, your congregation can still seek assistance and guidance even though you can’t give advice in person. In addition, creating virtual Bible study groups and prayer chains could foster familiar bonds of mentorship and encouragement in a new way. Furthermore, it would benefit churches to branch out beyond traditional services and reimagine other community events that have been placed on hold since the start of the pandemic.

It’s very easy for members to become overwhelmed by navigating any new system, so you should facilitate their participation. Church shouldn’t feel like a chore. No one should be forced to rummage around the website to gather information about service times or the location of the live stream. To minimize technical issues, you should embed your live stream on your website for easy viewing. If your service is hard to find or requires multiple steps to access it, people will be discouraged from going online. Leaders are responsible for laying the groundwork; all the members should have to do is be present.

The church is always growing, learning, and changing; with that being said, the current times demand that the church showcases its evolution. More than ever, church leaders need to convey forward momentum by communicating how they will meet future developments and challenges, while also manifesting church growth in a tangible manner. Your church can represent its willingness to move forward by adding in technology as a monetary investment in your members’ spiritual health. This overhaul might include installing LED backdrops on stage, updating speakers, or replacing your church’s current video systems. Each church will have unique needs, but the overarching goal is to display progress physically and virtually.

Aside from helping to demonstrate your church’s general mindset, AV integrators provide the tools necessary to create a dynamic service that engages your viewers. People consistently fixate on awkward transitions, poor lighting or camera angles, and sound issues; when they are focused on mistakes, they become distracted listeners and miss the gravity of the sermon. Your church can eliminate technical mishaps by updating your equipment so the human element of the service can shine through. Viewers will soon tire of static camera angles and lack of visual stimuli, so you need to keep your audience on the edge of the proverbial pew. A manned camera that follows the pastor for a waist-to-head shot will render the best magnification on the live stream, so people will feel as close to the service as possible. Additionally, robotic cameras can create multiple angles throughout the auditorium, creating an experience that will secure and even boost future attendance.

To accomplish your church’s goals going forward, you need to partner with qualified integrators who understand the equipment that would best suit your needs. At GigRent, our only goal is to make your entire system work the way you need it to function. We can do a complete overhaul of the current video system within the building, or in-church display devices like LED walls, screens, or even the TVs in lobbies or nurseries. Everywhere video is played or recorded, we love to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. We handle the mounting, cabling, and installation of TVs, as well as anything involving video switches, media servers, and fiber systems. GigStream can also broadcast the service on our global distribution network and embed the feed on your church website, rather than a hosted, ad-based site. No matter the complexity, communicating your message online has never been more important. Whether it’s just a few questions or a complete overhaul, we are happy to assist in any way that we can.