GigRent provides projection mapping and audio visual support for Sam Adams – Air & Apres Tour

GigRent provided projection mapping for the Sam Adam Air & Apres Tour.  The Tour consists of 11 locations ( Mount Snow and Big Sky, hunter mountain,Cranmore Mountain and more) where snow boarders and skiers performed big air jumps.  GigRent used projection mapping, a cutting edge technique, to project images onto the snow. The images were audio reactive and programmed to work with the music for full effect.  With state of the art 32k laser projectors, GigRent used software to compensate for the uneven surface and to maintain the integrity of the images being projected in conjunction with the audio. Huge air exhibitions with skiers and snow boarders landing on the projection that was being mapped on the side of the mountain. But why read about it when you can watch it in action? Please feel free to see video of the event below. It’s truly amazing work.