Create a hologram of the speaker at your next event in Portland at HALF the speaker’s cost!

What if you could bring Tony Robbins to speak at your event in Portland? And at HALF the cost?

This can be possible with holograms! Now, we’re not saying Tony Robbins can be at everyone’s event for half his usual rate, but it’s important to know that hologram technology has arrived and can have a significant impact on the success and engagement of your event. 

Hologram technology is built on projection technology, and as the two industries advance, they will continue to benefit each other.  As projectors get brighter and more efficient, holograms will be able to appear virtually anywhere and at much closer proximity to the audience! 

When you think about it, with these advances in hologram and projection technology, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to take part in events across the world within the same 24 hours; it’s cheaper, too!

Next time you’re planning a conference, a party, or any kind of reception, think about the alternative of creating a hologram of your keynote speaker(s) if they are unable to be there physically.


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